That’s how I look whenever I see pictures of RDJ/Hiddles/Cumberbatch

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OMG!! Tom Hiddleston does it again..exploding ovaries I mean..

a must watch for all hiddlestunned people…the interviewer is like the human form of tumblr!!

most awkward interview ever!

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This guy can even do impressions…

Mr. are perfection!

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was up all night making this..:)

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Thor: Where is the tesseract?
Loki: I missed you too.
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Greetings! Welcome to the random mess that is my blog..I post/ reblog whatever I fancy...which mostly includes a shit ton of fandoms and funny things; but sometimes, quotes that make you question the meaning of life, feminism and other social issues. Questions, comments are welcome, but if you are just gonna unload misdirected hate please stay away. Thanks for visiting!
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