Sexting this week

It’s a metaphor

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These kids today with their hailing hydra and metaphor

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I don’t know about this syllabus but I am168% DONE

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Turn On: Episode titles that are clever puns

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*makes a new post*
*checks note count every 6 seconds*

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psst! i wrote that post for emma and swan! It was for OUAT fandom!! :D btw I really love you theme!! All the hook is Killian me! ;)


I know it was, but we always hijack our own posts~


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REACT LIKE ↯ ouat cast, bloopers.

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My dash did a thing..

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This looks like the start of an amazing music video

Put an explosion in the background and it’s an amazing action movie


*eye of the tiger blaring in the background*

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Oh my fucking god!! I wish I could say this was false!! :P

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Well in that case, sign me up for a dozen

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benedict can you stop pls


Genderbent modern au of mary poppins

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Life hack: put a facial closeup of ur favorite celebrity as your phone’s wallpaper. That way you have a legitimate reason to stroke their face every few minutes without being judged for it as u otherwise might.

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Hello! Welcome to the random mess that is my blog..I post/ reblog whatever I fancy. I follow back similar blogs but not if you post too much NC-17 stuff. I never unfollow unless you do. So, please hit the follow button on your way out. Thank you!
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