*gets 10 notes on a post* *puts “Internet Celebrity” on résumé *

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Why we need good sex education…

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Found this on HTTYD-2’s imdb page…
I love how every other country has stuck to the original title or a close variation there off … and then there is France, who couldn’t be bothered…

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“I love deadlines… I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by.”
Douglas Adams
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This scene was GOLD!

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every police force in every superhero movies ever
a super freaky villain attacking in full body armour: hmm yes lets just shoot this thing with our tiny pistols...it might kill thousands of people, the least we can do is annoy it a little.
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if there is anything I have learnt from superhero movies is that never be mean to anybody because all it takes is one lab accident.

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Hood’s internal monologue 3x19

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"Matter is anything that has weight and occupies space"
Well in that case, I matter a whole lot.

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Yer a wizard Colin…

Yer a wizard Colin..

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Sexting this week

It’s a metaphor

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These kids today with their hailing hydra and metaphor

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I don’t know about this syllabus but I am168% DONE

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Greetings! Welcome to the random mess that is my blog..I post/ reblog whatever I fancy...which mostly includes a shit ton of fandoms and funny things; but sometimes, quotes that make you question the meaning of life, feminism and other social issues. Questions, comments are welcome, but if you are just gonna unload misdirected hate please stay away. Thanks for visiting!
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