A guy from work wants new shows to watch and asked me for something “not gay”.
Wanted shows like Sherlock.
I don’t think he understands what the word gay means.

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Why we need good sex education…

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Yer a wizard Colin…

Yer a wizard Colin..

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Oh my fucking god!! I wish I could say this was false!! :P

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Well in that case, sign me up for a dozen

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my dash did a thing

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I find this very amusing..tee hee hee!

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Kelly Clarkson Chips a nail

It’s a Cuticle Disaster

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Eyy girl, are you my ball-point pen because you are image

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tom cruise bumps his knee

tom bruise

tom cruise eats his lunch

tom chews

tom converts rotational motion to linear motion

tom screws

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Benedict Cumberbatch


i thought you were talking about the one that fell


Benemilk Cocoshake

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i said i was going to run away and get married but my mom said i


Thats a fricking rockmelon in Australia so this was the most confusing crap ever. “i said i was going to run away and get married but my mom said i rockmelon” 

that’s what you australians get for naming stuff weird.

to be fair, cantaloupe is definitely a weirder fuckin name than rockmelon

You can imagine my confusion when I read this bc in India these are called musk melons.

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